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Tornedalen is a georgrafical area that cover four muncipalities in Sweden and  six in Finland, and also a part of Swedish- and Finnish Lapland. In Tornedalen we love our coffe and saunas. Let us invite you in for a cup of coffe and we can talk for hours. In Tornedalen you can experience both the northern lights and the midnigt sun,  but not at the same time of course. 🙂 The winters are dark and short but we make it up in the summertime when we have 24 hours of daylight. The winter is not all bad though, not at all. That is the time to make snow angels, take dogsled rides, view the amazing northern lights, and look at the stars. However, did you know that the  notrhern lights, or the aurora can be seen from august? But the best time to do it is on a cold winter night, if you ask us….